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Sustainability Commitment

“One single can is of great importance…Because 99 is not 100 and that single one will make a difference.”
- Valter Dos Santos (Wasteland 2010)

Valter was referring to the impact that just one recycled can has on the environment and his mindset in Wasteland inspired me to evaluate and reconsider how I run my event floral business. We seek to help rather than harm as we create beauty.

At Anemone Floral & Event Design LLC, we strive to preserve the environment for generations to come and continually look for new ways to be eco-friendly and responsible. At the heart of Anemone is a true passion for design, an innate love of parties, the desire to educate and a commitment to the future.

These Practices Include:

Recycling packaging, paper and plastic in our studio
Composting floral waste
Using florescent lighting in our studio
Reusing vases & containers
Buying locally whenever possible, using American grown suppliers and flowers from California growers
Designing without floral foam which does not biodegrade
Sending all invoices by email
Packing deliveries in recycled floral boxes and milk crates without additional paper
Cleaning with eco-friendly and biodegradable products